Fundamental Language Series. Learn words, not rules.

Learn Words…Not Rules

The Fundamental Language Learning Series focuses on learning the most important words in a language first, rather than learning by groupings or location. The first 50 words you learn will be the most important and useful words. The next 50 a bit less important, sorted by cultural importance.

The Spacing Effect, Better Than Cramming

The Fundamental Language Series works on a theory called The Spacing Effect. The Spacing Effect refers to the fact that people remember dramatically more information learned over several short periods of time, rather than in a single long cram session.

Hear It, Speak It

Use the free version of our software to try it out. If you like it, you have the option for $5.99 of upgrading to the audio version. With the audio version, just tap the foreign word and hear it spoken by a native speaker.

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